Saturday, June 3, 2023

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Ukraine is looking to kill Vladimir Putin

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Ukraine is making an attempt to kill Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin is on Ukraine’s hit listing

The highly effective navy intelligence commander Vadym Skibitsky has revealed that the nation’s particular models have a success listing that features the despot and Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Skibitsky confirmed the intention to assassinate Putin however instructed it is a troublesome activity because the Russian president “stays holed up” as he is additionally scared of being killed by considered one of his personal.

He advised the German publication Welt: “Putin is noticing that we’re getting nearer and nearer to him, however he is additionally afraid of being killed by his personal individuals.

“Many people in Russia still support this ‘special operation’ (against Ukraine), but thanks to social media and phone checks. we know that so many Russians have died now that it scares people.”

However, Skibitsky says makes an attempt to assassinate the Russian chief have been made much more difficult due to his alleged use of physique doubles.

The spy boss warned that Wagner group boss Prigozhin is in Ukraine’s sights as his mercenaries have been accused of horrific atrocities in the direction of Ukrainian fighters.

Skibitsky stated: “Our priority is to eliminate the unit commander who orders his men to attack. We’re trying to kill him.”

Despite the menace, Prigozhin is relaxed about his destiny.

He stated: “Of course, Prigozhin, as probably the most vital actors of the conflict, have to be eradicated.

“This is 100 per cent true, so they are doing absolutely the right steps.”

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