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The Films That Impressed The Shining’s Most Iconic Scene

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Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining has one of the vital iconic scenes in movie historical past, but it surely was really impressed by two motion pictures. The works of Stephen King have grow to be so widespread that lots of them have been tailored to different media, although not all of them have had the approval of King. Some of the widespread variations of King’s works, but in addition one of the vital controversial ones, is Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, launched in 1980 and primarily based on the novel of the identical identify, revealed in 1977. Though it’s thought of one of many best horror motion pictures ever, Kubrick made a bunch of adjustments to King’s story, a lot in order that King has been fairly vocal about his opinion on it.


The Shining tells the story of a struggling author and recovering alcoholic named Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), who takes a place because the low season caretaker of the Overlook Resort within the Colorado Rockies. Trying to reconnect along with his spouse, Wendy (Shelley Duvall), and their son, Danny (Danny Lloyd), Jack takes them with him, however when a snowstorm leaves them reduce off from the skin world, and together with Danny’s mysterious psychic skills, the supernatural forces inhabiting the lodge begin to mess with Jack’s sanity. This leaves Wendy and Danny preventing for his or her lives, and made method for one of the vital iconic scenes in movie historical past: Jack breaking by the toilet door with an axe as Wendy hid inside, however this scene was taken from two different motion pictures.

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How The Phantom Carriage Impressed The Shining’s Axe Scene

Decided to kill Wendy and Danny, Jack takes an axe and goes after them. Wendy and Danny disguise within the toilet and Danny is ready to escape by the window, however Wendy can’t. Jack arrives and tears down the door with the axe and peaks inside whereas saying the now well-known line “right here’s Johnny!”. This turned essentially the most iconic scene in Kubrick’s The Shining, but it surely wasn’t completely a product of Kubrick’s creativity, as he took inspiration from two silent motion pictures for that particular scene: the Swedish film The Phantom Carriage and D. W. Griffith’s Damaged Blossoms.

The Phantom Carriage relies on the 1912 novel Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness! and follows David Holm (performed by director Victor Sjöström), a drunkard who on the night time of New Yr’s Eve, is compelled by the ghostly driver of Demise’s carriage to mirror on his previous errors. Within the third act of the film, David’s spouse, Anna (Hilda Borsgtröm), locks him within the kitchen and tries to flee with their youngsters, however she faints. David then breaks by the door with an axe and goes after her. D. W. Griffith’s Damaged Blossoms is the story of Lucy Burrows (Lillian Gish), a younger woman who’s abused by her alcoholic prizefighting father, Battling Burrows (Donald Crisp), and it features a scene the place Lucy hides in a closet and her father breaks by the door with an axe.

Different Films That Influenced Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining

Jack Nance in Eraserhead

Though The Phantom Carriage and Damaged Blossoms are the best-known inspirations behind The Shining’s axe scene, there’s one other film from the silent period that impressed the scene: Lois Weber’s 1913 film Suspense. In it, there’s a scene the place The Tramp slowly walks towards the room the place The Spouse has locked herself and her child, and he breaks by the door (although with out an axe). One other, broadly identified affect was David Lynch’s Eraserhead, which was Kubrick’s favourite film, and he reportedly screened it for the forged and crew of The Shining as a way to put them within the temper that he wish to obtain. Others have identified varied similarities with a variety of motion pictures from completely different genres in The Shining, similar to Diabolique and even John Carpenter’s Halloween, however these could be simply coincidences.

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