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Royal Blood’s new album written from ‘dark’ place

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Royal Blood’s new album was written from a “dark” place.

Royal Blood’s new album was written from a ‘dark’ place

Singer Mike Kerr, 33, and his drummer bandmate Ben Thatcher, 35, are releasing their self-produced ‘Back to the Water Below’ album on 8 September, with a taster single within the type of ‘Mountains at Midnight’.

Mike – who has been sober round 4 years after a drink and medicines battle – informed The Cut: “It appears like I used to be writing from that place of being someplace that’s very remoted, darkish and deep down.

“Whenever I get to that place, it’s not always about trying to escape it. It’s not about trying to swim for the surface; it’s about acknowledging that this is where I’m at and sitting in those feelings. I’ll try not to give everything away, though.”

But he stated the report is not only heavy noise to go well with the temper of his phrases.

Mike added: “The largest hazard of being in a rock band proper now’s strolling out onstage, wanting cool as f*** and hiding behind a wall of noise with out having any artwork or that means to what you’re doing.

“That’s the quickest way to get lost. I want to feel what I’m saying. I want it to come from somewhere that’s real… I really sweated over every word, and I’m fully aware that I will go out, attempt to explain it and ruin all that hard work.”

Mike added the band’s set-up might look easy however their job is way from “easy”.

He stated: “I’m certain there are individuals on the market who assume what we do is simple.

“Go ahead and try it. There’s nowhere to hide in this band.”

He added in regards to the band’s new monitor: “It feels like the sort of Royal Blood song that should have always existed.”

Mike additionally informed NME in regards to the new album: “It’s all the time about getting individuals’s consideration, and songs of this nature appear to be uncommon.

“It sounds so much like us and what we’re known for. As a reintroduction to us, it felt like a bold way to come back and say, ‘Hi!’”

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