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Paddy Considine’s oxygen levels plummeted during death scene

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Paddy Considine’s oxygen levels dropped to harmful levels when he was appearing out his death scenes in ‘House of the Dragon’.

Paddy Considine felt in poor health for actual whereas taking part in the dying king in House of the Dragon

The ’24 Hour Party People’ star performed King Viserys within the ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off and the tragic monarch was seen getting into a gradual decline as he wasted away from a illness which brought about his flesh to rot away – and Paddy says slowing his respiration right down to painting the character’s last moments made him really feel in poor health for actual.

He instructed Variety: “Playing any individual who’s dying is a wierd factor, particularly a protracted death. When you do it over a interval of days, and your respiration’s shallow – my oxygen degree began to go down.

“I had to be taken off set and given regular fresh air, because I was nearly passing out. It’s almost like your brain starts to tell your body that you are sick. It’s really quite weird.”

Playing the dying monarch additionally had an emotional influence on the actor because it reminded him of his personal father’s death from most cancers – and he initially refused to look at the scenes when the present aired within the UK.

He added: “My wife and daughter watched episode eight when it aired in the U.K. I was in another room because I didn’t want to see it. My wife says: ‘You’ve done the work. You need to see it’, and she showed me the episode. The end, when he [King Viserys] lies in the bed, it was very shocking to me, because I looked the image of my dad when he was dying of cancer. The image of him.”

Paddy went on to insist he cherished starring in ‘House of the Dragon’ and was disillusioned his character was killed off after only one season.

He added: “When series two comes around, I wish my comrades well, but there’s a hint of jealousy in there. Because I’m like: ‘Ah, I don’t get to live it again’. But at least I got to tell a full story. He had a beginning and he had an end. And the end was pretty spectacular.”

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