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Noel who? Liam Gallagher snubs followers’ questions on brother’s new track

Liam Gallagher snubbed followers’ questions on Noel Gallagher’s new track.

Liam Gallagher appeared to recommend he isn’t listened to Noel’s new track

The ex-Oasis frontman jokingly pretended he had by no means heard of his estranged sibling and former bandmate’s group Noel Gallagher’s Excessive Flying Birds in an obvious jibe when requested about their new track ‘Fairly Boy’.

Responding to 1 Twitter follower who requested what he thinks his vocals would sound like on a Excessive Flying Birds observe, the 50-year-old rocker replied: “By no means heard of them.”

One other requested if he’d heard the tune and he quipped again: “I’ve not heard something I did not know he was nonetheless making music.”

In the meantime, Roger Daltrey has referred to as on the feuding brothers to “simply get” Oasis “again collectively”.

The Who frontman not too long ago spoke extremely of the enduring Britpop group’s former lead vocalist, however needs the pair would type out their variations and get the ‘Some May Say’ rockers on stage once more.

Talking to Yungblud for Rolling Stone, he stated: “He’s simply bought an edge, and I want [Oasis] would simply get again collectively.

“Liam, although, has actually carved out a distinct segment for himself now, and I really like him. I feel he’s fabulous. He’s completely trustworthy. He’s not frightened of claiming how he feels. Similar to you [Yungblud]. You remind me of him a bit.”

Oasis cut up in 2009 following a backstage bust-up between the rival siblings, and all hopes of a reunion have been dashed.

Regardless of Liam beforehand begging Noel repeatedly to get again on stage with him, he accepts that is by no means going to occur.

His brother, then again, admitted final week he thinks there’s “no level” to an Oasis reunion.

The 55-year-old rocker says the band sells “as many information now” as they did throughout their 90s heyday.

Whereas showing on the ‘Pub Speak’ podcast, Noel was requested if they’d ever reform, prompting him to quip: “Er, would you go on vacation together with your ex-missus?”

He went on: “As humorous as this sounds. Oasis promote as many information now per 12 months as we did once we had been collectively. We’re as common now within the eyes of the folks as we ever had been. And I’m proud of it.”

The musician insisted everybody is prospering – together with Liam, who offered out two nights at Knebworth this summer time after their iconic 1996 reveals – since they left the group behind.

Noel added: “If we bought again collectively there can be a circus – and there’s no level. Simply depart it as it’s. I’m joyful. He’s [Liam Gallagher] doing his factor. He’s nonetheless promoting out Knebworth. It’s like, mate, good luck to you, are you aware what I imply?”

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