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Hunters Finale Takeaways and Pressing Story of Antisemitism in Season 2 – The Hollywood Reporter

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[This story includes major spoilers for Hunters season two.]

Adolf Hitler is delivered to justice within the season two finale of Hunters.

The ultimate season of the Amazon drama tracks the group of Nazi hunters coming again collectively from separate paths in Europe with a view to go after Hitler, who has been hiding at a compound in Argentina for the final 30 years and getting ready for the Fourth Reich.

When the season kicks off, the hunters are scattered to the wind, having had a falling out following the occasions of the primary season that’s later revealed to be a results of Jonah (Logan Lerman) taking issues too far and killing a toddler on their final mission. Within the first episode, Jonah is seen staking out a brothel in Paris — although he has a fiancée at dwelling — ready for somebody, who finally ends up being Nazi Biff Simpson (Dylan Baker) from season one. Earlier than Jonah kills him, Biff tells him that Hitler is alive and nicely and dwelling in South America. This leads Jonah to reconnect with Millie (Jerrika Hinton), who helps him get the band of Nazi hunters again collectively for one final mission.

Over the course of the eight episodes, the group reconnects and works by way of their previous points, and ultimately finds Hitler in episode six, “Solely the Useless.” As an alternative of killing him proper off the bat, Jonah brings him in and decides to provide him a trial in Germany’s supreme courtroom within the closing episode.

“This trial was actually an evolution in Jonah’s personal ethical journey. On the finish, he, as a personality, selected the sunshine. He selected justice, a authorized trial versus cold-blooded revenge,” Hunters creator David Weil tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Having the ability to put Adolf Hitler on trial in entrance of all the world, for them to not solely carry him to justice legally however have the ability to actually detract from his lies, poke holes in these lies, present the fallacies of his ideology, was doubtlessly much more essential than simply sticking a knife, a dagger, into his coronary heart.”

In scripting this season, Weil wished to carry the present, which is ready within the Seventies, into the current day with the rise of antisemitism, Holocaust denialism and neo-Nazism, he explains.

“Telling this story felt much more pressing, much more essential, and also you’ll see echoes, significantly within the trial in episode eight, that talk to not solely the violence and the genocide of the Holocaust of what Adolf Hitler perpetrated, however that additionally speaks to the sort of hatred, bigotry, prejudice, antisemitism, racism that lives on right now,” he says.

Beneath, Weil additionally discusses Al Pacino’s return as Meyer Offerman, Jonah’s evolution over the course of the present, why he selected to make season two much less graphic than season one and what comes subsequent for the hunters.

What a finale! So, is it secure to imagine Jonah just isn’t retiring from Nazi searching?

It’s secure to imagine that his birthright duty and legacy remains to be going to weigh very heavy on him for the remainder of his life, sure. Travis remains to be on the market, and Travis actually is the character that brings us to the current with the appearance of antisemitism, Holocaust denialism, Neo-Nazism. So, Jonah’s journey, his birthright, I feel turns into an increasing number of essential because the years go on.

Greg Austin as Travis in Hunters season two.

Amazon Studios

The finale largely revolves round Adolf Hitler’s courtroom trial. I’m curious, why did you resolve to go that route, versus having the hunters kill him like they initially deliberate?

That’s an incredible query. You realize, season one of many present was a query. The query is: What’s the distinction between revenge and justice? And which one in the end would you select in case you had the choice to take action? So, season two grew to become a solution to that. Although our hunters actually killed different Nazis all through the season, this trial was actually an evolution in Jonah’s personal ethical journey. On the finish, he, as a personality, selected the sunshine. He selected justice, a authorized trial versus cold-blooded revenge. This present type of reveals the grey space there. It reveals that there are numerous totally different types of justice and revenge could also be one in all them, however for this character, particularly, and our hunters, collectively, having the ability to put Adolf Hitler on trial in entrance of all the world, for them to not solely carry him to justice legally however have the ability to actually detract from his lies, poke holes in these lies, present the fallacies of his ideology, was doubtlessly much more essential than simply sticking a knife, a dagger, into his coronary heart.

Having a Jewish lawyer defend Hitler could possibly be seen as a controversial resolution — and it was by the characters within the present. Speak to me about that. Why did you make that call?

What I wished to do is have two Jewish legal professionals who you see, in each of those characters — one is the prosecutor, and one is the protection lawyer. Hitler’s protection lawyer talks about how the fitting to a good trial is a tenant not solely of justice writ massive, but additionally of Jewish morality. So, it was so essential that this trial wouldn’t turn into a kangaroo courtroom, that this particular person, Adolf Hitler, was given the identical rights afforded to anyone else underneath the regulation, such that nobody might detract, on this fictional story in fact, nobody can detract and say, “This can be a setup. This can be a kangaroo courtroom.” However as Ben actually talks about within the collection, if we don’t afford him these rights, who’re we? Are we simply as unhealthy as those that deny rights to anyone else? And so, that’s why it was so essential.

The finale additionally sees the colonel (Lena Olin) break Hitler out of custody as he tries to kill himself, considering that she’ll lastly be named his successor. However as Travis mentions, their group doesn’t take to girls all that nicely. Why did she assume she could be any totally different?

Oh, what a superb query. I feel Eva, on this fictional story, believed that her proximity to Adolf, her understanding of him, her relationship with him, that she might sway this individual, and but, his prejudices, his bigotry, his misogyny, reigns extra supreme than any type of relationship or connection to his personal spouse.

In the previous few moments of the finale, we discover out that Ruth had found Meyer was really Wilhelm Zuchs, aka the Wolf, and he came upon, so he tipped off the person who killed her. When Harriet tells Jonah this, it appears to reignite a hearth in him. Is that a part of why he determined to not retire?

Sure. Unbelievable catch and nice query. The invention that Meyer was behind Ruth’s loss of life, which to me is likely one of the most catastrophic of all the collection, is the very factor that reminds Jonah that evil lurks behind each nook, in each shadow and darkness, and it rattles him. This can be a character who believed he knew what he was doing, that he was in charge of his personal historical past and future, and what he learns as soon as he discovers that Meyer was behind Ruth’s loss of life is that he doesn’t know every thing. There are secrets and techniques even bigger than himself, and he’s rattled from that. I feel Harriet says it greatest: “Evil doesn’t retire. Why ought to we? How can we?” And Meyers’ act of homicide in [getting] Ruth [murdered] is a reminder of that.


Al Pacino (Meyer Offerman) and Jeannie Berlin (Ruth Heidelbaum) in Hunters.

Courtesy of Prime Video

Do you assume he’ll inform Clara this time round?

It’s a tragedy, I suppose, for Jonah, however his relationship with Clara, to me, is based on his retiring as a Nazi hunter. So, I don’t know if there’s a world the place he can protect his marriage to Clara, and likewise participate in searching Nazis with the opposite hunters.

Going again to Travis, you may’ve killed him off however you left him alive. Why?

Travis surviving this season represents how the scourge of antisemitism, Neo-Nazism, Holocaust denial lives on by way of 2023. Sadly, evil will all the time exist, and as our characters say within the piece, “Evil doesn’t retire. So, why ought to we? How can we?” We’ll all the time need to fight evil, so too does the lawyer, Frankel, [say] in prosecuting Adolf Hitler. We’ll all the time be there to come back after you, to come back after evil, and so Travis is a personification of the sorts of evils that we see right now in our tradition, in our society in 2023. So, it was essential that the season was not tied up in a neat bow as a result of life just isn’t that means.

You touched on this some, however this story is well timed as ever, sadly. What was it like tackling Hitler, antisemitism and Neo-Nazis amid every thing that’s occurring right now?

Antisemitism is one thing felt by all Jewish individuals all over the world and has without end, however I feel that society and tradition at massive have seen, particularly previously few years, the scourge and virus of antisemitism in ways in which perhaps they hadn’t seen earlier than. It’s one thing that I feel Jewish individuals have felt without end, and but, society and tradition are seeing it in the best way that we’re. So, telling this story felt much more pressing, much more essential, and also you’ll see echoes, significantly within the trial in episode eight, that talk to not solely the violence and the genocide of the Holocaust, of what Adolf Hitler perpetrated, but additionally speaks to the sort of hatred, bigotry, prejudice, antisemitism, racism that lives on right now. And so, I hope that the collection gives a way of catharsis, of wish-fulfillment, even on this fictional means, on this trial in episode eight, that folks can come away feeling that our hunters obtained some sense of justice, that there’s some sense of characters combating for his or her proper to exist and profitable. And that’s what I hope the collection does.

Seeing the pictures of Neo-Nazis exterior of the courthouse in Germany appeared eerily much like what was seen through the Capitol Riots.

Sure, completely.

Antisemitism has all the time existed, however when the primary season got here out, it wasn’t as prevalent within the information. Did that affect the way you went about season two?

For myself, as a Jewish creator, antisemitism is all the time so deeply felt by me, and so, although, perhaps society and our tradition at massive hadn’t felt the presence of antisemitism as deeply again in 2020, [but] I felt it so deeply. So, I feel I took a really comparable strategy each seasons. This collection is a response to, a response to, antisemitism. It’s an try to fight it. It’s an try to painting Jewish characters in a light-weight and in a means that we don’t usually get to see onscreen: Jewish characters with may, with energy, with company; Jewish characters who’re badass, who’re robust, who’re benevolent, who’re horny — all these traits and qualities which might be usually not reserved for Jewish characters. So, I nearly assume, sadly, society and tradition has caught as much as perceive and to see how pressing this collection is due to the epidemic of hate, of antisemitism, of racism in our world.

Taking it again to the start of the season, which kicked off with the introduction of Chava. How did you resolve to incorporate her character as such a robust power this season?

Chava, performed by the unimaginable Jennifer Jason Leigh, is likely one of the most unusual and unpredictable characters in Hunters season two. Her entry into the world of Hunters was twofold. One, it was to disclose that there have been different Nazi hunters on the market, different bands like our personal hunters with totally different ethical codes, maybe, working towards the identical aim, doubtlessly otherwise. And two, it was to introduce one other household component to Jonah’s story as we’ll uncover in episode three, as we study her identification [as his great aunt]. Jonah’s lack of Ruth in season one unmoored him. It was a traumatic and devastating expertise for him, and most significantly, it snuffed out the sunshine from his life. And so Chava’s function in season two will probably be to reorient Jonah again towards his ethical compass, again towards the legacy of his household and remind him of who he’s.

Hunters Season 2

Logan Lerman and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Jonah and Chava, respectively, in season two.

Amazon Studios

I used to be stunned to see Al Pacino again within the trailer as such a principal character this season when he died on the finish of season one. What went into the choice to carry him again in flashbacks? Did you all the time know you wished him on this season in some capability?

As soon as Al Pacino signed on for this character — who, earlier than he signed on, I had written by the tip of season one, this character died — I used to be making an attempt to ideate and give you any which means that we might carry unimaginable Al Pacino’s mesmerizing and harmful character of Meyer Offerman again into the collection. And so, it’s actually due to that. He and I had such a beautiful expertise working collectively on season one. We wished to proceed the collaboration, and we each felt that the story of Meyer Offerman, of Wilhelm Zuchs, the Wolf, was not over, that there have been extra depths and dimensions even to discover in his story. So, over the course of many conversations and lots of months, we actually spoke about who this character is and what his histories and secrets and techniques might reveal not solely about Meyer however how they may have an effect on Jonah and our hunters sooner or later. So, this season actually is concerning the dialog between the previous and the current, and the way acts of the previous, secrets and techniques of the previous, how they have an effect on our characters within the current.

The season one finale revealed that Joe had been taken to Hitler’s compound in Argentina. The tip of season two’s first episode reveals that he’s nonetheless there, however is now seemingly loyal to Hitler. Did you all the time know what path you wished to take him this season?

Properly, I all the time wished to create decision for this unimaginable character of Joe, performed by the wonderful Louis Ozawa, however I knew that the street forward for him was going to be troublesome. His vacation spot on the finish of season one put him within the line, useless. So, he was going to need to journey by way of that darkness to have the ability to come out the opposite finish into the sunshine. Redemption was an actual theme for season two, and I feel Joe’s story is one in all redemption, of reclamation, and of having the ability to deal with the best forces of evil and but nonetheless discover your humanity and your heroism.

Undoubtedly. It was nice to see him come again from what might’ve been the tip for him.

Louis and I talked quite a bit about it, and what we each wished for this character was to permit him pleasure. This was a personality who had been by way of a lot trauma all through his total life from the internment (as they referred to as them) camps — which have been actually focus camps in america, as we mentioned in episode two, and also you see the nuance of that language there — by way of the battle in Vietnam. Then to be on this hunt for Nazis, be kidnapped by the Nazis after which be put by way of immense torture. He deserved pleasure and backbone on the finish, in order that’s what we wished to ship to him.

The start of episode two includes a Sound of Music tribute. Speak to me about that.

One of many issues this collection does is it inspects cinema of late and outdated, and the methods wherein Nazism has been portrayed onscreen and tries to disrupt that portrayal in a roundabout way, tries to point out a biting fact. And so, Sound of Music was actually a touchstone to that authentic scene and in pure Hunters vogue and Sister Harriet vogue, we tried to blow it up in a roundabout way and de-romanticize a few of the occasions of that unimaginable movie, however to point out only a extra type of badass and biting and vengeful bent to that story.

Hunters Season 2

The Sound of Music scene in Hunters season two.

Amazon Studios

Over the course of the present, Jonah evolves quite a bit. What was it like writing the transformation of this very layered character?

It was an immense problem. Initially, our best device and weapon was Logan Lerman, who is likely one of the most gifted actors and artists I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. This can be a character who once we meet him, he’s 19 years outdated, he’s a child, and but the adversity that he faces, the distinctive challenges that he encounters is, it’s nearly unbelievable. This can be a child who’s changing into a Nazi hunter and who’s journeying by way of this darkish odyssey, this darkish place, to carry these Nazis to justice, and in the end in season two to come back head to head with Adolf Hitler, and produce him to justice. So, it requires an actor of immense functionality and unimaginable depth and dimension, and Logan is that actor.

However when it comes to Jonah, himself, I imply, it was crucial for me to herald this naive, harmless child rising up in Brooklyn within the ’70s and to have him deal with the darkness. One of many central questions of the collection is: In the event you hunt monsters within the darkness, do you danger changing into a monster your self? And Jonah needed to go on that journey, needed to delve into the deepest swimming pools of darkness with a view to try to carry justice to these monsters. And that does one thing to at least one’s soul, it does one thing to at least one’s character. And that’s the journey that you just see Jonah go on over the course of those two seasons.

Within the finale, he says they’re not monsters, and he appears to be at peace with what he’s executed. Do you assume Clara performed an element in sustaining his soul and his humanity?

Completely. I feel Clara is consultant of the identical mild that Jonah’s grandmother Ruth embodied, a good looking soul, an harmless soul, one whose ethical compass was robust. So, I feel it’s an actual partnership between Jonah and Clara this season. Even as soon as Clara is aware of what he’s doing, she nonetheless worries for his soul, she worries for what’s going to occur to him, and I feel that’s a extremely stunning factor. Whereas Jonah this season actually embodies the spirit of, nicely, do the ends justify the means? Clara says that they don’t, that the means are simply as essential, and that they will have an actual imprint on one’s future, one’s destiny, one’s soul.



Courtesy of Prime Video

Episode seven is instructed nearly fully from the attitude of this outdated German couple and their home, the place they’re hiding Jewish households from Nazis. Towards the tip, it’s revealed that one of many little boys in the home finally ends up being Chava’s husband. Why did you resolve to inform this story in that means?

Once you take a look at the Holocaust, they usually say for each survivor, for each sufferer, everybody had a narrative. There are 1000’s, thousands and thousands of tales. My grandmother’s was a type of tales. And so, one of many nice ambitions that I had in creating the collection was to have the ability to inform as many tales as doable. Now, actually, we give attention to the hunters, the descendants, or within the case of Mindy and Chava the survivors themselves, however I additionally wished this season to be a possibility to inform different tales, tales that inside Hunters, we don’t shine the brightest of lights on. And so what was key for me was telling a narrative that was nearly a fairytale, a folktale.

Within the Jewish custom of storytelling, fairytale and folklore is such a key half to our tradition and custom. So, I actually wished to inform this stunning and harrowing, darkish and but hopeful fairytale nearly of those two people, these righteous Gentiles, who protected the Jews, after which additionally of those Jews, who exuded such heroism as you see all through that episode. So, it was an thrilling option to type of journey again in time and to inform a narrative — our collection largely takes place in 1979, with flashbacks to 1976 — however to return to the ’30s and ’40s and have the ability to inform a story of what was occurring in a fictionalized means, in fact, however consultant of one thing that will have occurred within the ’30s and ’40s.

That episode excluded, this season usually appeared much less graphic than the primary. Was that intentional?

It was very intentional. I felt like in season one, we represented that degree of violence, and we created that basis. The entire function of the violence in season one was to permit audiences to know the sort of violence that our hunters make use of when searching these Nazis, to point out type of the place it got here from. However as a result of we do this in season one, it wasn’t as essential to do this in season two. I by no means need violence to really feel gratuitous. And so with season two, I leaned into representing violence in different ways in which actually wasn’t seen, which could possibly be extra terrifying than what’s seen.

That is your closing season. However in your thoughts, the place do these characters go from right here? In the event you would have had a 3rd season, what would you have got explored subsequent?

I feel for Jonah, particularly, the longer term is a without end battle for him. It’s a battle between normalcy and the superhero cape. It’s a battle between household and sacrifice. And so, his is a narrative that I’ll take into consideration without end and deal with without end as a result of I simply assume the street forward for him will probably be a difficult one, and but the tip of all of it, I’d be so curious to see the place he finally ends up and what he in the end decides.

Interview edited for size and readability.

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