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Darkseid’s Final Kind Took Down A Superman-Degree Powered Hero

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Darkseid’s Yellow Lantern type simply took down a strong hero, as he made a Superman-level menace look extremely weak in a lethal new combat.

Spoilers for DCeased: Conflict of the Undead Gods #4 by DC Comics

In a battle of pure energy, Darkseid’s Yellow Lantern type proved he is robust sufficient to take down a Superman-level menace simply. In DCeased: Conflict of the Undead Gods #4 by DC Comics, Darkseid battles towards Maxima and Primaa. As Darkseid kills Maxima, he admits she is “nearly as robust as Superman” earlier than remodeling her into considered one of his brokers for his darkish Anti-Life military.

Within the DC Universe, few heroes’ powers and energy are akin to Superman’s, because the Man of Metal’s Kryptonian physiology makes him a near-unstoppable power. Nevertheless, one shocking character whose energy has been described close to the identical stage as Kal-El’s is Maxima. Part of the Almerac Royal Household and a former member of the Justice League, Maxima’s energy has been described as being in the identical class as a few of the biggest DC Comics heroes. Nevertheless, towards Darkseid, even having Superman-level powers is not sufficient to defeat the latest Yellow Lantern.


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In DCeased: Conflict of the Undead Gods #4 by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Neil Edwards, Andy Lanning, Rain Beredo, and Saida Temofonte from DC Comics, Darkseid continues to indicate off his powers as the brand new Yellow Lantern. Maxima and Primaa make a final stand towards Darkseid’s forces approaching Almerac as they tackle the Ceaselessly Individuals who have been contaminated by the Anti-Life Virus. Regardless of being described as “nearly as robust as Superman,” Maxima is not any match for Darkseid’s new type, as he kills and infects her to turn into a part of his Anti-Life military.

Darkseid’s New Yellow Lantern Kind In Virtually Unstoppable

Maxima Darkseid Superman Powers

Together with his Yellow Lantern powers, Darkseid took down Maxima with ease, as regardless of having comparable energy to Superman, she could not cease the Ruler of Apokolips in his most harmful type. With Darkseid’s potential to contaminate heroes and villains with Anti-Life Virus and management the Anti-Residing, stopping him will likely be a monumental process for the surviving heroes, as his new type makes an already overpowerful villain much more terrifyingly robust. Maxima realized the laborious manner that taking out his military is a substantial problem.

Finally, Darkseid proved that his new type as a Yellow Lantern controlling an undead military is likely one of the greatest threats the DC Universe has ever confronted. Killing Maxima, a hero nearly as robust as Superman, so rapidly, and turning her right into a pawn for his Ant-Life military, reveals that not even the actual Man of Metal himself may be capable to cease Darkseid as his darkish reign continues. DCeased: Conflict of the Undead Gods #4 by DC Comics is in comedian e book shops now.

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