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Breaking Down the Finest Components of The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer

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Regardless of a couple of vibrant spots — particularly Rogue One and Andor — Disney’s tackle Star Wars has largely lacked the immense attraction of the unique trilogy, and even the prequels, for that matter, and seemingly bottomed out with the disappointing one-two punch of The Ebook of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi sequence. Now we have now The Mandalorian Season 3, which seems to be to construct on the success of Season 2 and, to a lesser extent, plot factors established throughout that random episode in The Ebook of Boba Fett. Whereas I’m nonetheless not solely offered on the necessity for extra Mando adventures, I’m nonetheless fascinated by the character. I stay invested sufficient to proceed watching if solely to see how he and Grogu match into the bigger Star Wars narrative.

That mentioned, let’s dive into the brand new The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer, look at a few of its extra attractive beats, and see if we are able to’t wrangle up a couple of absurd theories on the way in which.

Grogu’s Powers

Grogu initially began as a mysterious being the web aptly dubbed Child Yoda (for apparent causes) whose shadowy backstory served as the point of interest of the overarching story. What’s he? The place does he come from? What’s his function? Is he a reincarnated Yoda, again from the useless, to assist within the upcoming conflict? Or a robust being destined for a better (or extra harmful) function?

Because it seems, he’s none of these issues. The truth is, from what I gathered in Season 2 and The Ebook of Boba Fett, Grogu is your typical Jedi youngling in dire want of coaching — and that’s about it.

That doesn’t imply The Mandolorian gained’t give the lad extra alternatives to flaunt his stuff. Within the trailer, the inexperienced tike makes use of his pressure powers to kick the bejesus out of an alien monster whereas cruising in his Professor X hover chair. It’s a enjoyable little bit that teases Grogu’s newfound talents, which ought to come in useful every time he and Mando get in a decent spot. 

The query is: how highly effective will the child grow to be? Will one thing — something — lure him to the darkish aspect? Will he activate Mando sooner or later after discovering extra about his previous? Will he determine to kill Luke Skywalker after studying about Anakin/Darth Vader? Will he ever communicate, and if he does, will he discuss like Yoda? This season should let the child do greater than function a cute and cuddly aspect character. Sooner or later, he must develop up and achieve one thing past advertising plush toys. 

Extra Order 66

As everyone knows, Grogu is a survivor of Anakin Skywalker’s loss of life march on the Jedi Temple in the course of the famed Order 66. The Ebook of Boba Fett gave us a short snippet of Grogu’s experiences on that fateful evening. The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer ups the ante by displaying 4 Jedi with lightsabers ignited, ready by a door seemingly on the verge of being kicked in by Stormtroopers.

Coloration me intrigued, if solely as a result of we have now but to get a good glimpse of Anakin’s bloodbath outdoors of some tacky holograms in Episode III and the goofy, shaky cam-plagued prologue that kicked off Obi-Wan Kenobi. So why not kick Mando’s subsequent journey off on the precise foot, Jon Favreau? Give the followers what they’ve needed to see since 2005!


Mando plans to return to Mandalore to beg for forgiveness for his previous transgressions, which must be a enjoyable aspect journey for him and Grogu — or a weekend of hell!

Within the Season 2 finale, Mando pissed off Bo-Katan when he beat Moff Gideon and unexpectedly inherited the legendary Darksaber — a weapon she had coveted ever since Gideon stole it from her. Bo-Katan needs to rule Mandalore however can not achieve this with out the Darksaber … or one thing. There’s a bunch of information jam-packed into Rebels Season 3 that particulars the weapon’s origins and the way Bo-Katan acquired it within the first place if you wish to know the backstory; or watch one in all a billion YouTube movies on the topic. 

At any price, I think about Mando will head to Mandalore and stumble upon Bo-Katan, resulting in an all-out brawl over the Darkish Saber that may decide the planet’s destiny and its individuals. The massive cash shot of the trailer sees a bunch of Mandalorians leaping out of a ship onto a metropolis, seemingly to affix an enormous floor battle. Are they uniting behind King Mando, or is that this a separate incident that has no bearing on the plot? Time will inform.


Snoke doesn’t seem in The Mandalorian trailer, however loads of on-line chatter suggests the crackhead may seem in Season 3. Some have speculated that these cloning tanks in Season 2, Episode 4 contained Snoke clones, a principle punctuated by John Williams’ Snoke theme enjoying over the soundtrack in the course of the creepy scene.

Now, the bizarre organisms in these tanks could possibly be Darkish Troopers or some all-new highly effective soldier. So why would Dr. Pershing require Grogu’s midi-chlorian blood if that have been the case?

Mysteries abound, however it is going to be attention-grabbing to see if and the way Favreau and Co. incorporate Snoke into the Mandalorian sequence and whether or not or not followers take pleasure in seeing the pointless entity as soon as extra. Will Favreau’s sequence finally give extra weight to the sequel trilogy in the identical method The Clone Wars aided the prequels?

Additionally, on the tail finish of the trailer, we see some Babu Frik-ish aliens watching the Mandalorian battle. Is that this one other trace that the brand new season will join with plot factors established within the Rise of Skywalker?

Uniting the Clans 

On the trailer’s starting, Mando notes that his persons are unfold all around the galaxy. “What are we,” he asks. “What can we stand for?” As talked about above, will he use the Darkish Saber to unite the clans and tackle, er, whoever the unhealthy man is head-on? Or will his look trigger extra disarray between the assorted Mandalorian factions?

One factor’s for rattling certain: Mando’s helmet is 110% higher than the clunky armor his brothers and sisters are carrying. Time for an improve, individuals! 


Within the worst VFX shot of the trailer, we see Dr. Pershing (I believe?) cruising about Coruscant in a speeder. This marks the second time we’ve returned to the outdated capital following its look in Andor, and I’m curious to see how its politics have modified because the fall of the Empire. 

Pershing’s presence suggests evil nonetheless lurks throughout the vibrant metropolis, which has evidently remained a preferred attraction regardless of serving because the Emperor’s essential headquarters. 

An attention-grabbing tidbit is that the Republic arrange store within the Hosnian system, the place it was finally destroyed by Starkiller Base in The Pressure Awakens. So, what occurred to Coruscant? Did it fall into disarray after the Emperor’s demise? Was it overtaken by loss of life stick-addicted aliens? Does Mon Mothma nonetheless personal an condo there? Will we see Luthen Rael?

Boba Fett Cameo

One other shot within the trailer sees Mando taking off from Mos Eisley whereas Peli Motto waves goodbye. Naturally, I assume our heroes will return to the overused desert planet of Tatooine and stumble upon everybody’s favourite former badass, Boba Fett. Since Mando all however stole the bounty hunter’s limelight in his personal sequence, it is sensible for the poor man to get a couple of scenes in The Mandalorian, if solely to carry steadiness to the Star Wars universe.

It’d be hilarious if Mando finds Mos Eisley overrun by that goofy biker gang.

Robotic Orgy

Lastly, the final bit that caught my consideration was a cantina populated by droids. No, actually. Like, each Star Wars droid is packed in a single shot, together with Battle droids, some R2 items, and that creepy RA-7 droid seen in A New Hope. Clearly, the droid rebellion produced good outcomes for our battery-operated mates, which ought to make L3-37 comfortable.

There are many different mysteries surrounding the trailer, like, what’s Carl Weathers doing? What’s with the fireworks and the buried Mandalorian armor? Why can we preserve going again to Tatooine? Why do most Disney Star Wars locals appear to be Galaxy’s Edge? At any price, I’m cautiously optimistic Mando will ship in spherical three.


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