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10 Silliest Marvel & DC Supervillains Who You Merely Cannot Take Significantly

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In relation to having memorable characters, the Marvel and DC mythoi just about haven’t any equal. From Spider-Man and Captain America to Superman and Batman, these two leisure giants have superheroes and villains for each style.

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However for each superior villain that followers at all times need extra of, there is a foolish and campy one which’s subsequent to unattainable to take significantly. These vary from a racially-stereotyped sentient egg to a ridiculously dressed man who shoots glue. They might not be menacing, however they do present a very good chuckle.


DC — The Clock King

The unique Clock King, who made his debut within the comics in 1960, was an enemy of Inexperienced Arrow. He had no powers, no metahuman talents, nothing however the lame skill of excellent timing. That is with out mentioning his laughable costume.

Surprisingly, although, the Clock King did not slowly fade into obscurity like many different awful villains do. As a substitute, he has seen some relatively helpful growth through the years, from becoming a member of the Suicide Squad in 2001 to showing in reveals like Arrowand Batman: The Animated Sequence.

Marvel — Paste-Pot Pete

homeless french guy with a glue gun, pointing at the Human Torch

This comical villain with a horrible trend sense has just about only one skill: A gun that shoots a mega-adhesive and fireproof glue, which comes very in useful when preventing his nemesis, the Human Torch.

Later in his profession, this antagonist rebranded himself as The Trapster with the intention to sound and look extra menacing, however his authentic alternative of identify and costume by no means stopped haunting him. Finally, it is fairly laborious to take a man with such a pathetic weapon and costume significantly. He is not prone to stick round for for much longer.

DC —Kite Man

DC Comics

Kite Man, whose actual identify is Charles Brown (as an homage to the principle character of Peanuts), is extra of a joke villain than anything. He commits crimes in Gotham Metropolis utilizing kite-based weaponry.

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Energetic however dimwitted, and with talents that no self-respecting superhero must be apprehensive about, Kite Man is not precisely one of many Caped Crusader’s most formidable foes. And but, he has develop into a fan favourite all through the years, with a compelling backstory and an attention-grabbing character which have led him to having his personal spin-off present, Noonan’s, in growth by HBO Max.

Marvel — Egghead

scientist with head shaped like an egg, wearing glasses and a red tie

Captain America has Purple Cranium. Iron Man has the Mandarin. Hank Pym’s Ant-Man? His archenemy is the foolish, not-so-villanous Egghead, a phisically deformed scientist whose primary purpose was discovering a remedy for getting older.

To be honest, it is not like Egghead by no means did villanous issues. In any case, he additionally needed to destroy Ant-Man, and he tended to be merciless and petty. However the reality is that nothing about him screams “mighty superhero’s intimidating archnemesis”. As a substitute, he has pale into oblivion compared to different main Marvel supervillains.

DC — Nuclear Man

a man with a black and gold costume fighting Superman on the Moon

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, the final film with Christopher Reeve within the title function, is broadly thought of one of the atrocious superhero films ever made. One of many primary causes is its ludicrous antagonist, Nuclear Man.

The character was truly created for the movie, a villain created by Lex Luthor with Superman’s DNA. His powers are lame, the truth that he is a boring clone is lame, and his costume is lame. He someway made the soar to the comics in 2018, to expectedly catastrophic outcomes. This one could be higher off left previously.

Marvel — Stilt-Man

man with metal armor throwing a helicopter

Daredevil has fairly just a few cartoonish antagonists, however few as a lot as Stilt-Man. One of many weirdest and most incompetent villains in Marvel, he wears an impenetrable metallic armor with highly effective telescopic legs.

Stilt-Man is not with out his followers—Although, to be honest, enjoyment of the character is commonly way more ironic than real. He is not at all times handled as a joke, since he has some cool moments. However, more often than not, he is little greater than a tragic excuse for a villain.

DC — Egg Fu

giant egg with human face and a long moustache

Image this: A Chinese language Communist agent inexplicably formed like an egg the dimensions of a constructing, who makes use of his mustache as whips to battle Surprise Lady. Meet Egg Fu, one of the ridiculous villains DC has ever contrived.

RELATED:12 Surprise Lady Villains We might Like to See in Future MoviesNot solely was the man laughable: He was additionally a crude and deeply offensive Yellow Peril ethnic stereotype. After Disaster on Infinite Earths, he obtained a model new backstory and design, however this hardly helped his case. In the long run of the day, he is one of the memorable DC villains for all of the fallacious causes.

Marvel – Asbestos Woman

robber with green suit, jewels, and money fighting the Human Torch

Victoria Murdock (supposedly a distant relative of Matt Murdock, Daredevil himself) hated the Human Torch. Within the hopes of taking him down, she constructed herself a swimsuit made from the extremely fire-resistant materials asbestos (unoriginal identify, a lot?)

Asbestos Woman was by no means actually a lot of a menace, however she did meet a relatively tragic demise. These days, individuals know concerning the risks of asbestos, however Victoria Murdock clearly did not. At age 45, she died of most cancers because of all of the publicity to asbestos that her line of labor required.

DC — Condiment King

Condiment King

This Batman foe is a joke villain who commits petty crimes utilizing varied condiments, which might trigger anaphylactic shock, as weapons. Chuckle all you need, however he has a fame: He occurs to be Robert Pattinson‘s favourite Batman villain.

Condiment King could also be goofy, campy, and pathetic, however that is exactly the purpose. He is meant to be a parody of the foolish criminals that Batman used to battle again within the day, and it undoubtedly works. He is actually humorous, and who is aware of? In a campy story à la The Suicide Squad or Peacemaker, a live-action model of him might work fairly properly.

Marvel — Large Wheel

Big Wheel, a.k.a. Jackson Weele, from Marvel Comics

Guess you will by no means guess what this Spider-Man villain makes use of to hold out crimes. That is proper: An enormous metallic wheel, one full with weapons, arms, and different high-end expertise.

He proved to be a lot longer-lasting than one would suppose. He went from having an unsuccessful lifetime of crime, to being rehabilitated and serving to Spidey battle villains, to returning to his previous methods. One factor about him is at all times fixed: He is such a dumb character that it is merely unattainable to take him significantly.

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